Which Dental Implant Option is Best Suited To You?

Dental Implant Options

If you have already settled to have a dental implant for a missing tooth, have you planned with your dentist as to which type is best suited to you? It’s good to know about your options since there are several. Learn more about your choices here.

There are single implants that replace a sole missing tooth. Multiple implants replace a few missing teeth. Now if you are edentulous, meaning you do not have any more natural teeth left, there are such cases of full-mouth implant. For full-mouth, you will get the full complement of upper and lower artificial teeth supported by only several implants anchored to the jaw bone. The ideal candidate should be in relatively good health and healthy and strong enough jaw bone.

There are several types of dental implants and two of the most common are endosteal implants or subperiosteal implants. They differ in how they are anchored to your jawbone. 

The most common of the two is the endosteal type. It’s in the shape of a small screw, cylinder, or a blade that can hold one or more replacement or artificial teeth. The implant is drilled into the jawbone that holds the artificial teeth in place. It is the option implant if you already have dentures or bridges. The subperiosteal type is made up of a metal post that is placed on or above your jawbone; it sticks through your gum to hold it in place. This is an option if your jawbone is too thin or soft, or you are against a bone augmentation procedure, or if you cannot wear dentures. 

There are other kinds of implants for special issues. For example, the Zygomatic implant, which is not for singular teeth but for a whole set of upper teeth. It anchors in the upper bones of the face and it is for patients with severe bone defects.The All-on-4 implant is a trademarked implant that uses only four standard implant posts to anchor a full-arch bridge in place. If it’s for a full mouth that should be eight implants in all. It’s the same as wearing traditional dentures.

Mini dental implants are small implants that are toothpick-sized or as small as the lead of a pencil. The implants use a less invasive procedure and are an option if you have a lower denture that needs stabilizing. Also, it’s a choice when there is severe bone loss and limited jawbone available.


Best Dental Implant Options in Federal Way 

Come see your Federal Way dentist for more dental implant options. Whatever your jawbone health status and your personal preferences, we give you choices to suit your specific needs.