Understanding The Step-By-Step Process of Implant Dentistry

General Dental Implant Outline 

Patients are told to expect that the dental implant process can last as long as 12 months to complete as it involves multiple procedures and requires a healing period before the next procedure commences. Hence, convinced patients must have a certain degree of commitment to the process for a successful outcome. Here’s a general outline of the process.

For the preparation, a thorough evaluation includes a comprehensive dental exam, a review of your medical history, and a discussion of your treatment plan. The evaluation is important to assess your dental health, especially the health of the bone that will support the implant.Likewise, your medical history might reveal existing conditions that may impede the healing process or affect implant longevity.

The next step is the removal of the damaged tooth or teeth that are planned for replacement. To control pain, anesthesia options during surgery include local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia.

A bone graft follows if you don’t have sufficient bone to support the implant; like if your jaw bone is too thin or soft. Bone is taken from elsewhere in your body and added where it’s needed. If not, synthetic and natural donor bone options are also available.

After some healing time, the implant will be inserted deep into its place in the jaw bone, just like a natural tooth is anchored into your jaw. Now another healing time is allowed so that bone grows around the implant (called osseointegration). In the meantime, you will have to wear a temporary denture to cover the gap where the original crown had been.

A few months later, when bone growth has stabilized and the implant is secured in place, an abutment (a metal extender) is added on top of the implant that will hold a permanent crown in place. An abutment is used to connect the replacement tooth to the implant. The gum area is closed around its edges. It will take another 4 to 6 weeks for the gum to heal.

The final step is the new crown placement. It’s the artificial tooth atop the abutment that matches your teeth color and is of the shape and size of the original damaged tooth. It was made by your dentist who had taken an impression of your teeth so that your permanent artificial replacement tooth can fit. 

Although the process may be long and quite tedious, the benefits of implant dentistry are amazing. Your new implant can serve you long and in good stead. Be sure you visit your dentist regularly.


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