Smile Gallery

West Campus Dental Center

Before & After

  • Before-Dental Crown
    After-Dental Crown
    Before Dental Crown After

Dental Crown

  • Before-Replacing Missing Tooth
    After-Replacing Missing Tooth
    Before Replacing Missing Tooth After

Replacing a Missing Tooth

  • Before-Dental Implant
    After-Dental Implant
    Before Dental Implant After

Dental Implant

  • Before-Upper Arch Anterior Crowns
    After-Upper Arch Anterior Crowns
    Before Upper Arch Anterior Crowns After

Upper Arch Anterior Crowns

  • Before-Implants Full Arch Case
    After-Implants Full Arch Case
    Before Implants Full Arch Case After
  • Before-Implants Full Arch Case Open Close
    After-Implants Full Arch Case Open Close
    Open Implants Full Arch Case Open Close Close

Implants Full Arch Case

  • Before-upper case
    After-upper case
    Before upper case After
  • Before-after
    Inside after Outside

Upper Case

Holiday Hours
December 24th – 27th: Closed
December 29th – January 2nd: Closed

Dr. Hwang will be out of office from June 11th to June 27th. We will be closed for treatment during that time.

We will still have the office open for administrative duties Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10am-3pm.

June Notice