How Do Missing Teeth Affect Oral Health?

The Consequences

Some people with missing teeth do not mind at all the lack of one or two teeth in their mouth, especially if the gap or gaps are not noticeable at all. Such is the case if the vacancies are towards the back of the mouth. Nonetheless, wherever there are missing teeth potential problems may arise.

Your teeth work together to support daily routines like speaking, eating, chewing, and even smiling. Gaps in between teeth can impact these functions in mild, moderate, or severe degrees. Mild cases, over time, can have severe consequences. It can affect the quality of life and overall health.


The first issue you deal with when you have missing teeth is aesthetics. Gaps do not look becoming on your smile, which you may tend to minimize or hide. It may affect your self-confidence and how you deal with others. These can be the emotional consequences.

Chewing Food

You might find it difficult or uncomfortable chewing your food. If there’s a missing tooth or two on one side of your arch, you tend to favor biting or chewing food on the other side. This puts an unbalanced pressure on the side most used and can lead to premature wear and tear of the teeth, gums, including the jaw and facial muscles. You might also eat at a slower pace than before. Also, you may find yourself avoiding certain foods that you used to enjoy as eating them gives you discomfort.

Possible Issues Long-term

Missing teeth can alter your bite over time. Did you know that a tooth can drift, gradually shifting towards the gap nearest to it? Due to the chewing forces you daily apply on your teeth, the drifting tooth wants to compensate for the loss. Later, a gap will slowly develop on its other side, followed by other teeth. The situation can affect bite, cause crooked teeth, sensitivity, grinding, and difficulty chewing.

Missing teeth can also change the shape of your face, causing you to appear much older than you really are. This is due to the bone underneath the missing tooth to eventually shrink and weaken. This may lead to your mouth appearing to shift as the part of the bone in that area is no longer stimulated.

Consider replacement options available for missing teeth which are effective and lasting for years.


Considering Your Options In Federal Way

When you are missing a tooth or two, consider your options with us at West Campus Dental. Talk to your Federal Way dentist and have the replacement right away to avoid the ill effects of missing teeth on oral health.