Three Options To Have For Missing Teeth

The Pros and The Cons

Many people have experienced missing teeth at different times in their lifetime for a number of reasons, like tooth decay, gum disease, an injury or trauma, and at times, a genetic condition. Whatever the cause, you would be looking at replacing the tooth or teeth to restore aesthetics and function. There are three options to choose from and pros and cons for each.

Removable partial denture

This intends to replace some number of your teeth, like multiple teeth located along the same arch. This appliance consists of replacement crowns attached to a pink-colored, plastic base. To hold the base in place, the neighboring natural teeth are used as anchors; sometimes clasps are used.

Pros and Cons

These dentures look and feel natural. The colors of the base and the crowns match that of your gums and natural teeth. They are a less expensive option (ranging from $1500 – $3000 depending on location and may be covered by insurance. If you happen to lose or break them, they are easy to repair or replace. Since they are removable, they can be easily cleaned and you can rest your gums without them before you sleep. On the other hand, some may find them uncomfortable at first and may take some getting used to. Also, constantly handling them can make them prone to damage.

Fixed dental bridge

This is for replacing one or more teeth in the same area. It’s called a bridge because it bridges a gap where there used to be a tooth using an artificial tooth or crown. The crown is attached to the neighboring teeth and bonded with dental cement. It’s also an option for those who do not want a dental implant.

Pros and Cons

Fixed dental bridges are more affordable than dental implants, ranging from $3000 -$5000 for a single bridge, depending on location and materials used; also may be covered by insurance. They look and feel like natural teeth also. They don’t look noticeable if they are exactly of the same color as your natural teeth. When it comes to disadvantages, they tend to be difficult to clean, especially under the bridge where tooth decay can start. They can alter existing teeth, causing gradual damage over time if they are poorly fitted.

Dental implant

It is needed to replace a tooth or even several teeth in different locations. A titanium metal post is implanted surgically into the gap extending to the jaw bone, then a replacement tooth is mounted on the implant. It’s a permanent replacement.

Pros and cons

Its most notable advantage is its close resemblance to natural teeth and its sturdiness and durability, lasting decades or an entire lifetime with proper care. It also does not alter adjacent teeth, leaving them intact. What may be disadvantages are: the cost (ranging from $3000 – $6000 per implant) is higher than the previous two options, plus there may be deductibles and copays even with insurance, the involvement of surgery, and the long healing process (6-9 months).


Find Your Best Options in Federal Way

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