Conventional Replacements for Missing Teeth

Different Types and Benefits 

If you have missing teeth, you might consider opting for dentures or implants, both of which have their own benefits. This article explains dentures and why they are still a preferable mode of treatment for missing teeth.  


Dentures are among the oldest treatments for missing teeth. Sometimes they are also referred to as false teeth, but they also have a natural look to them. They can be permanent or removable, though most dentures are of the removable type.

Dentures are composed of the crown or crowns which resemble the missing teeth, and they are usually made of acrylic. The crowns sit on a plate or a base which, in turn, resembles your natural gums. The denture should fit exactly in the mouth; they stick to your gums via natural suction or via adhesive. You should wear them during the day, and remove them for cleaning at night and during sleep. 

There are several types of dentures. Complete or full dentures are those that replace all of your teeth; they may be for both upper and lower jaws, or one of them. Partial dentures are those that replace the missing teeth and yet are attached to the existing teeth. Flexible dentures are composed of a softer and flexible base, unlike the traditional ones. They are also the most comfortable to wear. 

What are the benefits of dentures? 

Dentures may not require surgery unless it is necessary to extract for a more stable appliance and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Flexible dentures are stain and odor-resistant, and do not require adhesives to stick to the gums.  They are cost effective and comparatively more affordable than dental implants. Dentures can help fill out the appearance of your face and profile, restoring your smile and confidence. 

Dentures may make your gums sore and uncomfortable when they are just new. Over time your mouth will adjust to the appliance. It is still essential to practise good oral hygiene and keep your dental appointments.


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