Understanding The Amazing Benefits of Teeth Bonding

Useful Applications

Tooth bonding is a popular and simple cosmetic procedure that makes use of a bonding material the dentist directly fuses to the natural but defective tooth, improving its color and shape. It has several applications, but overall enhances the beauty and confidence of a smile. Learn more about it.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth bonding is most beneficial for the repair of chipped teeth. That is because the natural tooth color of the bonding materials used blend well with the natural neighboring teeth. The materials used for bonding are composite resin and porcelain, which are fused to the defective tooth or teeth, molded and sculpted and attached over an adhesive gel. It is afterwards hardened by ultraviolet light and then polished. It makes for a strong structure that can last over 10 years.

Aside from correcting cracks and chipped areas, tooth bonding has other useful applications. It is also used to close gaps in teeth, as a filling material after a cavity has been removed, to cover up stains or discolored teeth, and also for improving silver amalgam fillings that have become unsightly. And then, tooth bonding can also improve the tooth size, such as a shorter tooth can be made longer to improve its alignment with the rest of the teeth.

The procedure is safe.

It doesn’t usually require anesthesia, unless cavity filling is involved. It is cost-effective, an affordable option considered less expensive than other cosmetic procedures, like crowns and veneers. It is typically an easy and fast procedure, taking between 30 minutes to an hour. However, some sittings may take longer depending on the extent of the procedure. There is no need for multiple visits to the dentist as well.

Are there risks associated with tooth bonding?

Yes, though the risks are not major ones and can also happen to other cosmetic procedures. Though durable, composite resin is not as strong as your natural teeth. It can also chip or break, though not as often compared to crowns or veneers. So take care not to bite on ice or your nails, do not chew on hard objects like pencils, or on foods like candy. Likewise, be careful about discoloration, as resin is not as stain-resistant as other materials. Avoid drinking too much coffee and avoid smoking, too.

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Enhancing Smiles with Tooth Bonding in Federal Way

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