What Dental Implant Surgery Is All About

Versus Dentures and Bridgework  

Dental implant surgery is an option for dentures or bridgework for those who have lost their entire tooth, including the root. The procedure replaces missing teeth and is a viable and increasingly popular alternative due its high success rates. Learn about the treatment’s amazing benefits and why you should have it.

One or more missing teeth can impact appearance and self confidence, impede eating  and even speaking function, cause loss of bone mass, and change the shape of the face. A good replacement must prove to be strong and sturdy, last a long time, and restore the appearance and function of natural teeth. To have dental implant surgery addresses all these needs. It is basically implanting a metal, screw-like post into the space through the jaw bone and capping it with an artificial crown. The post serves as the root that eventually will integrate with the bone. Hence, the look and function of missing or damaged teeth are restored.

How would you know if dental implant surgery is for you?

First of all, your jawbone must have reached full growth and that is why it is not recommended for children. You must also have adequate and healthy bone mass to secure the implant in place and ensure proper bone integration around the post. It would be better that you do not have health problems that might jeopardize the healing process, like diabetes; or have a smoking habit that can delay healing and integration.  

Also, among other things, candidates for dental implant surgery want to improve speech and appearance, and want no visible dental work showing. These candidates are not able to or refuse to wear dentures, and they must be willing to commit to the treatment process duration and implant aftercare. 

Compared to having dentures or bridgework, dental implants won’t slip or fall out accidentally. The materials used for implants, basically titanium, do not decay unlike what natural teeth are prone to when they support bridgework. They are also easier to clean. Implants may cost more than other restorations, but over the long run prove more cost-effective because they last longer, even over one’s lifetime.  

Just like any surgery, dental implants face some risks; however such risks may be lessened with proper care. Site infection, injury to neighboring structures, nerve damage, and sinus problems are minor issues and easily treated.    

Dental Implant Surgery in Federal Way

When you are contemplating dental implant surgery and would like to know more about its advantages over dentures and bridgework, come see us at West Campus Dental. Your Federal Way dentist is more than willing to help.