How Do I Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery?

Proper Preparation: Key To Success

When you are already committed to having dental implant surgery, your dentist will help you prepare for it. Know what the planning process entails and how you can prepare yourself before and after the procedure.

The dental implant procedure may require several surgical tasks and preparations, and, hence, a few specialists may get involved in the planning task. You might have an oro-maxillofacial surgeon, one who specializes in conditions of the mouth, jaw and face. You may have a periodontist, a dentist who specializes in the supportive structures of the teeth – the gums and the underlying bone. There’s a prosthodontist, who designs the artificial crown and oversees its fitting. And, if necessary, an ear, nose and throat doctor or an ENT may be involved.

The preparation you make prior to the procedure may strongly affect the outcome. Hence, your dentist will make a thorough oral examination, including x-rays and impressions of your teeth and jaw. A good medical history must be taken, to include any medical conditions, medications and allergies. A treatment plan to be agreed upon will be drawn out so you will know what to expect step by step; also includes a discussion on the use of anesthesia or any sedation option.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

Within the first 24 to 48 hours after the surgery and after the anesthetic effect has completely subsided, you may experience some pain, swelling or discomfort. Your dentist will prescribe an over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen. However, being a surgical procedure, you may still feel some discomfort after 7 to 10 days, though to a lessening degree.

From your end, as the patient, here are guides to consider:

  • Try to relax and be mentally prepared for the surgery.
  • Have lots of rest and sleep before the appointment.
  • Arrange your schedule and activities around the date of the surgery as you would need to take it easy afterwards.
  • Be mindful about your dentist’s instructions and advice about aftercare and what you can do in the event of an untoward incident.
  • You may need to go home with a companion who will see to your well-being and safety.
  • Be prepared for the recovery period because it can take months for healing and bone integration with the implant.
  • Your dentist will also inform you about a special soft diet to undertake from after the procedure to some time afterwards.

Having The Best Implant Surgery Experience in Federal Way

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