Why Dental Implants May Be the Best for Missing Teeth

Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Implants are replacements for missing teeth. A gap in between teeth is not esthetically acceptable; it can hinder you from speaking well or smiling. It can be filled with a variety of options. Implants are popular and widely preferable by dentists and patients due to their durability and close likeness to your natural teeth shape and color. They have other amazing benefits.

Dental implants as replacement teeth closely resemble your natural teeth. They are not noticeable as not real teeth, so it improves your appearance, your smile and self-esteem.

Compared to more traditional modes of treatment, use of dental implants far exceeds expectations. Implants are more comfortable and convenient than removable dentures; you do not need to take them off during cleaning or sleeping. It makes eating easier and confident because implants will not loosen or dislodge unlike dentures. It improves your speech as implants do not slip or slide off due to their secure hold on your jaw bone.

There are other advantages you may not know about but your dentist certainly does.

Dental implants prevent bone loss.

You can lose bone mass in your jaw once there is no longer a natural tooth with its embedded root in place. Bone has to be naturally stimulated to continue to grow. Dentures or bridges cannot provide that. Implants also restore bite force which you need when biting on food; the titanium post of an implant anchors securely in the bone so that you can bite with the same force you are used to.

Implants also restore the shape of your face.

Remember when you lose some teeth, bone structure beneath them can resorb or stop growing, creating hollowness or spaces where bone used to be. It can make your face appear older, changing the shape of your face. Dental implants also support adjacent teeth, preventing them from drifting or shifting their positions causing misalignments. You can confidently smile with a straight set of teeth.

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